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UK juror won't go to trial over hidden MP3 player


A juror on a murder trial in the UK who allegedly listened to music on an MP3 player while the court was in session will not have action taken against her, says the British Attorney General. According to reports, juror Ruhela Khanom was listening to a music player hidden underneath her hijab (or headscarf) while key evidence in the case was being delivered. Defense lawyers claim they caught a glimpse of a wire underneath the juror's headscarf, and the presiding judge says that he thought he had heard "tinny music" being played, but dismissed it as his imagination. Eventually, Khanom was discharged from duty as a juror for not paying attention, and although signs point to her having used a music player during the trial, it appears that the courts don't have enough evidence to bring charges against her. When reached for comment, Khanom said that she had been "unable to stop listening to music in court," due to the release of "the new Hillary Duff record."

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