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LAPD's new LED flashlights now available to the public


Those of you jealous of the LAPD's new blinding yet less weapon-like flashlights don't have to settle for weaker substitutes any longer, as all 130 lumens of Pelican's 7060 model flashlight are now available to the general public. For those not up to speed on the flashlight industry, this particular model weighs in at just 10 ounces, and promises to throw a beam for a full 90 minutes straight without losing intensity. According to Pelican, the LAPD isn't the only police force keen on the flashlight, with 1,500 other police departments already on a waiting list to evaluate the flashlight. Those looking to get the jump on them, however, should now be able to pick up a 7060 at a Pelican distributor near you.

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