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Limited BioShock soundtrack features Moby remix

Dustin Burg

2K Games sent out a press release announcing that their musical homies Moby and Oscar The Punk will have their remix skills featured on the exclusive (and so very limited) BioShock soundtrack. The soundtrack, which is included in the limited edition of BioShock, will feature three remixed tracks including "Beyond the Sea", "God Bless the Child" and "Wild Little Sisters" with all the remixing done by Mr. Moby and Oscar The Punk. We're not sure if their remixing skills are good, noteworthy or warrant a press release, but we'll trust good old 2K and proclaim that we're ready to get our jam on! w00t! Ahem, other BioShock soundtrack track listings have yet to be announced, but we're nearly certain one of them will include the words "big" or "daddy".

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