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Eek! It's a Ratatouille demo on the XBLM!

Dustin Burg

If you've wiped your hands clean and are over the BioShock, Beautiful Katamari or Stranglehold demos that were recently released to the XBLM, then we've got some Disney not so fun for you. Available now on the XBLM is a new Ratatouille demo for you to suffer through enjoy. The demo clocks in at a middle-weight size of 708MB and is ready for download by anyone (except Japan), so please don't go give it a whirl and see what comic mischief awaits. Okay, okay, we'll quit* with the childish evil we're projecting towards Ratatouille's general direction. It simply can't could be a good game (though highly doubtful), so go ahead and give the demo a try and garner a reason for hating the game an opinion for yourself. And don't forget to have fun!

*Childish evil be damned, we just can't quit!

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