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Epic believes People Can Fly, acquires majority stake

Jared Rea

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Epic isn't letting their courtroom tiff with Silicon Knights slow them down as they continue to push forward, investing a majority stake in independent developer, People Can Fly. Best known for their work on the 2004 first-person shooter, Painkiller, PCF have been working on a multi-platform project utilizing the Unreal Engine 3 for the past year.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, was particularly impressed with PCF's work saying, "[They] showed us their early prototypes within only a few weeks and we were totally blown away." On the other end of the deal, PCF co-owner Adrian Chmielarz sounds just as excited: "To be able to work with the best technology company in the business and collaborate on making amazing fantastic games is an offer you just can't refuse."

What could possibly be better than making amazing fantastic games? Tasty delicious cake would be our guess, but we'll settle for an amazing fantastic title.

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