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Keep a PlayStation Eye out for Trials of Topoq

Justin McElroy

The rapscallions of PS3 Fanboy weren't content with just seeing Folklore and Eye of Judgment when they visited 3Rooms, a Sony PR hangout in London, today; they wanted the new stuff. Much like pre-Dirt McGirt Ol' Dirty Bastard, they like it raw. Sony was able to accommodate on this occasion with a look at a new PlayStation Eye titled called Trials of Topoq.

The fanboys have a deeper explanation, but the basic idea is that you're trying to roll a ball through a level using an image of your body to control floor height. ... Yeah, we don't exactly get it either. But we're pretty sure it will make you look nearly as nerdy as Eye of Judgment, which sets off the wedgie GPS of every bully in a 10-mile radius when activated. Here's hoping we'll hear more about Topoq when Leipzig rolls (get it!?) around.

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