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Metroid Prime 3's token feature a small taste of achievements

Jared Rea

It's not the system-wide accomplishment tracking that we've grown to love on the Xbox 360 (some more so than others), but according to a GoNintendo tipster, Nintendo fans will get a taste of the sweet life on August 27th when Metroid Prime 3 finally lands on the Wii with bonus content for in-game tokens.

So how does it work? The tokens are doled out in four tiers: red, blue, green and gold. Red tokens are gained by scanning enemies and items, blue for scanning lore and completing side quests, green ones you receive from friends and gold is achieved by destroying bosses on various difficulties.

According to the tipster, tokens can be traded in for bonus content in-game, but are also used to track progress amongst your friends. Vouchers for those friends can be found and then sent in the form of green tokens as well. We've seen these tokens in recent videos of Metroid Prime 3, but we may have a wait ahead of us to find out exactly how they function.

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