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Stupid gadget criminal tries to pass off oven door as plasma TV

Evan Blass

Well even though we've seen a number of product switcheroos at legitimate big box chains, you're still probably better off buying your gear at an established retailer than from a guy off the street, as evidenced by the cautionary tale of Charles Wright of Vacaville, California. Mr. Wright thought that he could make a quick buck by shrink-wrapping the tinted windows from old oven doors and passing them off as plasma televisions, offering potential buyers "the deal of the century" on merchandise stored in the trunk of his Acura. Well one of his marks ended up calling the cops, who eventually caught up with Mr. Wright and discovered the bogus "merchandise," along with boxed, 12-inch floor tiles that he was reportedly trying to sell as laptop computers. Pretty shoddy work, sir -- we've seen much better fakes in our day -- but then again, if someone was foolish to take advantage of one of these "deals," perhaps they really needed the life lesson anyway.

[Thanks, Kelly G.]

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