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Entering the raiding scene (or) How the Elune realm hates me

Amanda Rivera

It's an interesting thing, but the more you want something, sometimes the harder it is to get. Take raiding for instance. A while back I decided that casual gaming wasn't getting me where I wanted to go. I really wanted to see the whole game, and that meant raiding. I got myself into a raiding guild, which then proceeded to implode, and then on a whim applied to a friend's amazing guild, full of intimidatingly impressive members, and somehow, by sheer luck, I was accepted. They said it was based on my personality, and so once again I'm one of those "girls with a good personality" only this time it's not a bad thing.

Everything was going along dandily, I showed up for my first raid with my new guild the day after I was accepted, and was lucky enough to grab a spot in the Kara run. Only the server gods were adding their malevolent powers to the conspiracy to keep Amanda from raiding. As many of you know, I play on the Elune server, and if anyone was anywhere near the General forums this week, you'll not be surprised to learn that as we entered the instance, the instance server crashed. Our raid was trapped in the instance for a good 30 minutes three times before we finally gave up the ghost and decided to call it a night.

The next night it happened again. It took us two hours to get into Gruul's Lair, and when we finally did there was a decidedly somber spirit amongst the raiders. Sunday night was no exception, we stepped into Tempest Keep only to freeze for about 15 minutes. This was particularly interesting because at that point the oddness with the server allowed me to walk around the entire instance with impunity. I was able to tour the entire place from Kael's room and back before the world server crashed.

Luckily, the good folks at Blizzard fixed the issue, and last night's Kara run went off without a hitch, much to the dismay of those in my guild, who had a pool going as to when the server would crash. I ended up with a bit of loot, and was able to fight the Curator again successfully for the second time. But all of this has me wondering about my raiding luck. I know it's silly to be superstitious, and I'm grateful that my new guild is not prone to such things. Otherwise they might think I was bad mojo, as I am beginning to believe myself.

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