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A Perfect (and perfectly copied) World

Mike Schramm

See anything familiar about this website for a Malaysian online game called Perfect World? Yeah, so did Aerandul, and anyone else who's been to the official World of Warcraft site. They've got it all, from the feminine figure up top, right down to the menus on the side (although WoW's menus are collapsible, and this site's are not.

The game itself even looks pretty close (ok, well, not that close), although stealing WoW's look and feel are a little more common than stealing its actual website design. As for what will happen to these guys, EU CM Aeus doesn't have specifics (or maybe just doesn't know), but my guess is that Blizzard might drop them a C&D, and then either hire someone in Malaysia to see the case through, or just forget about the whole thing. As he says, we'll have to watch the website-- if it goes down or changes, then we'll know Blizzard was successful.

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