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Where would you put a new instance?

Matthew Rossi

I was thinking about Zul'Aman the other day, the incoming 10 man dungeon, if for no other reason than it will probably be the next place my guild goes after Kara: we don't really have enough people to do more than the occasional Gruul or Magtheridon PuG's. (I've actually done more SSC PuG's than either of those, amazingly enough. And I died a lot.) Now, I remembered that some folks are unhappy with Zul'Aman being located in a Horde zone, especially on PvP servers. That then got me to thinking about the announcement from Blizzcon that there would be at least one more five man dungeon before the expansion. I'm not sure if that's been changed by the announcement of an 'Old Stratholme' CoT for level 80 or not, but it all combined in my head and I started wondering where, exactly, they should put a new 5 man dungeon?

Obviously you'd want to avoid the issues around Zul'Aman by not sticking it in a Horde or Alliance controlled zone, so Stormwind Vault is probably out unless the Horde gets some kind of teleport or back door. That still leaves a lot of zones available to us, though. With the advent of Caverns of Time instances that look like open, outdoor zones why not open up Azshara Crater? It would be nice to have a reason to go there now that Azuregos isn't really a draw anymore, and we haven't had a Night Elf/Naga instance since Blackfathom Deeps.

Heck, maybe the entire zone behind the Greymane Wall could be a giant instance. What's up in Gilneas? There's rumors of Worgen infestations, Naga on their shores, undead in the hills... I'd personally love to get a chance to ride into the place and check it out. Maybe Genn Greymane's insane, a puppet of the Naga, or even a giant Worgen sitting on a pile of bones that used to be his own people? Well, okay, probably not. Still, there's plenty of room for a new instance in either Azeroth or Outland... Winterspring, Felwood, Blade's Edge and Nagrand all lack one, and both Winterspring (with the demons of Darkwhisper Gorge) and Nagrand (with Oshu'gun) even have likely places to put one.

So where would you want to go adventuring next? Where would you put a new instance, and what would it be?

Edited to add: I'm reminded that Gruul's lair is in Blade's Edge. I meant more five man content, but with a raid in there already, maybe Blade's Edge has enough on its plate. Especially with the Ogri'la quests. Still, an ancient Apexis Ruin could always surface.

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