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Why aren't solo instances coming to WoW?

Dan O'Halloran

Eldiron of the Silvermane server thought he heard a rumor that the dev team was considering implementing solo instances. Many players chimed in with their wish list for what could be accomplished in that: traps for rogues to detect and disarm; loot tailored to your class; making the instances accessible once daily. Other players pointed out that many classes can already solo old world instances like Blackrock Depths.

Finally, Community Manager Nathaera chimed in that there were no current plans for implementing solo instances in Warcraft. They consider instances as they place for group content and leave the solo content for the outdoor areas. Another blue explained in an earlier thread why designing this kind of content isn't a good use of developer time.

But what if they did consider this idea? What would you like to see in a solo instance?

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