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Gefen producing 1:10 HDMI Distribution Amp

Matt Burns

Just in case you had the hankering to create a bar like atmosphere somewhere in your home, Gefen has the final piece of your puzzle. Previously, component cable was the only way to route that high-def football game to all those screens off one HD source but not any more thanks to Gefen's 1:10 HDMI Distribution Amplifier. This $650 magic box takes one HDMI signal and sends it out, with HDCP intact, via 10 outputs. Honestly we don't see this device making into many residential home theater systems (if any) but rather brick and mortar A/V stores employing it for their displays. Still, how sweet would it be utilize this amp and 10 HDTVs all over your house - living room, hallway, bathroom, on and in the fridge - so you never miss a second of the game?

[Via TG Daily]

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