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PS Network to become "feeder" of PSP games


How does David Reeves propose to bring more original content to the PSP? In an interview with, the SCEE chief admitted that the PSP had too many uninspired ports of PS2 games, something they're willing to address. The source of their future inspiration will come online: from the PlayStation Network. "Honestly, probably we should have had more original PSP games, and there were some PS2 ports of course, but what you're going to see now is - on PSN there are a lot of good, original games, so the situation you might be seeing in the future is some of those games coming onto PSP. They might be shorter, but they would be far more original."

Games like Calling All Cars, which was recently revealed to be coming to PSP, make a perfect match for handheld gamers, and Reeves understands that. By looking at the response titles receive on the PSN, he's able to see what will work, and what won't work, on PSP. "On PSN you get an instant reaction - 'Calling All Cars, great game, okay, can I have it on PSP?' Okay, why not?"

Could that mean we'll see fan-favorite Super Rub-a-Dub on PSP in the future? One can ... only hope.

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