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WoW Moviewatch: Somethin' Stupid


In this edition of Moviewatch, we're treated to Olibith's version of the Frank & Nancy Sinatra duet "Somethin' Stupid" which is very very mushy in its own right. (Of course, being dedicated to his loves, it's understandable) However, when put into WoW, and featuring two Gnomes who eventually get involved in a bit of naked backflip bedroom acrobatics (yes, you read that correctly) it crosses the line from smooshy sweet into silly. Of course you can't have naked backflip bedroom acrobatics without mentioning that this could be considered very mildly NSFW, so unless you're good at stifling a chuckle, and/or naked Gnomes won't get you busted...

Although if your girlfriend or boyfriend thinks Gnomes are cool, linking this to them could get you some brownie points. ;)

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