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PAX 07: Attendees play the Feud


The PAX Family Feud game, I can safely say, was the greatest game of Family Feud in the history of the known universe, including unknown Feuds taking place in distant galaxies between gaseous superbeings. No hyperbole. Why? Because it was about video games, of course! Also, host Alon Waisman was infinitely dissimilar from Louie Anderson.

The game took place over five rounds, with the teams getting mixed up between rounds. All of the answers were based on a survey given to PAX attendees, which, yes, did mean that incorrect or patently insane answers could be popular enough to make the list.

The first round was between Team Shyguys, made up of Quicksnap, Lynx, Ken Swanson, and Nobu, and Applez, comprising Gray, Mark, Chris, and Marie TJ, and had teams guessing survey responses to the question "Name a female game character." Team Shyguys took that round, although everyone onstage failed in my eyes for naming Lara Croft and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts before Ms. Pac-Man.

The second round, about "what is important to bring to PAX" also ended in the Shyguys' favor, as Lynx's responses of "Badge" and "Handheld game system" were the first and second most popular responses ("Bawls" didn't make the list).

As the rounds progressed ("Name a Video Game Movie", "Name a Classic Arcade Game") contestants were replaced by Penny Arcade Superstars, including, at first, Porkfry, Kiko, Kara Krahulik, and PAX Volunteer Coordinator Princess Red Dot, culminating with a Fast Money round featuring Gabe and Tycho. I'll leave the top response to "What can you do with a girl?" as a thought exercise.

They didn't reach the required 200 points (none of Tycho's responses scored, with the exception of his answer to "name a light-gun game", which was the #1-- Duck Hunt). However, since the prizes were theirs anyway, and the two promised to give their prizes to all the competitors, it was a win for all involved. The Penny Arcade gods emerged from the machine to ignore the rules of the game and hand out stuff to people. The prizes were handed out later, so I don't know what the contestants finally received.

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