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Reader WoWspace of the Week: Krystalle


When Paul started Reader WoWspace of the Week, he posted his very own WoWspace for everyone to see. Since there have been calls for more "realistic" spaces, and since I'm asking folks to put theirs out without having (as they say) shown mine -- I thought it was about time to put my own space out here. That way for those who feel that there aren't enough 'real' spaces, you now have my own personal fortress of geek to make fun of check out! ;)

For the breakdown of my space (click on the above picture for the numbered version) as well as a "night-time" picture, join me after the jump...

  1. Once upon a time, this was a door. Someone built a bookcase in it, which was there when I moved in. Now it is home to my legion of dust-catchers.
  2. Signed & numbered Matt Wagner Grendel art. I'm a comic-book geek.
  3. A hand-painted dragon kite that was given to me by two dear friends when they came to visit. The tail trails down the side of the bookshelf.
  4. My signed Babylon 5 pictures. I'm also a Sci-fi geek. Mira Furlan (Delenn) is behind the dragon's wing.
  5. Grendel statues and Sandman figures. Hooray, comic-book dust-catchers!
  6. Badges from various events, postcards from friends/travels, etc.
  7. My photography stuff. (film, not digital)
  8. 22" Acer flat-panel monitor. Actually significantly cheaper than replacing my old 21" NEC CRT would have been, and much less desk space taken up. Under it, you see a large book on Ghosts, a hearthstone plushie, speakers for my surround system, sticky-note-tabs, lollipops, etc.
  9. Movies/music/etc. This is where my MST3K version of Manos: Hands of Fate resides. And manuals for video games. Just above that, software and other office-type supplies
  10. Lights, pens, my magnetic board, etc.
  11. Books, supplies in the ghost bags, etc.
  12. My machine with its antiquated AMD Barton 3000+ core, 1gig of RAM, FoxConn WinFast 748K7AA mobo, nVidia 256 card, and other various generally underwhelming stats. I built it myself some years ago, and I'm saving my pennies now to build a new one.
  13. COFFEE!
  14. Quite a bit of Dragon*Con swag. No, I'm not telling what's in the boxes. :)
  15. Homework. There's quite a bit of this too.
And here's my desk in its nocturnal setup. If you look in the background, you'll see my headset hanging off the hutch door as well as my Troll Rogue monster protecting my desk. During the day I tend to open the windows across from my desk for light.

So there it is! In the spirit of full disclosure, you now have my very own fairly messy WoWspace. Now it's your turn! Just drop some pictures and a description to

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