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Are you a respec addict?

Dan O'Halloran

I have a short attention span when it comes to games. I want something new and exciting on a fairly regular basis. Anything that stinks of grinding or monotonous play sends me running the other direction (i.e daily quests, faction grinding, key grinding etc.). This is one of the reasons I rolled a Druid. A quick trip to the trainer for a respec and I have a whole new play style to explore.

The problem is, I can't stop respeccing. A couple of weeks of playing one spec, I start fondly remembering how much fun my last one was and before I know it, I've teleported to the Moonglade Druid trainer and find myself digging into my Epic Flight fund for a chance to experience the game from a different play style perspective.

Now I'm on the PTR on premade L70s not only playing an entirely new class, but respeccing those classes as well!

What about you? Are you a respec addict? Why do you change your spec so often?

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