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World of Warcraft toys

Eric Vice

Mystikravyn reports that she recently got the quest for Dartol's Rod of Transformation which most of us know is the fabled quest item that so many of us keep in our banks that allow a player to turn into a furbolg. She also mentions the Piccolo of Flaming Fire from Stratholme that makes other players dance against their will (which some of us find annoying to no end, but I digress).

Although these may be the two most famous examples of "nifty wastes of bank space" (as she calls them) there are lots of others. Many of them are associated with the seasonal events that take place in the game, such as the upcoming Hallow's End event, and the Feast of Winter Veil. I know lots of people who have bank characters devoted to stockpiling snowballs, Preserved Holly, and other such goodies that are only available for a limited time each year. (As a side note, if anybody from Blizzard is listening, I know a lot of very good boys and girls in my guild who will be very very happy if Santa brings them holly this year that works with their flying mounts as well as the normal ones.)

Mystikravyn concludes her post wondering if there is a web page or a site devoted to these "fun" World of Warcraft items. I don't know of one, other than searching the database sites by hand. I know if anybody knows of the existence of such a place, it would have to be our WoW Insider readers, and I'm sure you will share this information in your comments. Also, what fun goodies do you have clogging up bank space?

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