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Developers offer free iPhone application packaging


Today developers Nicholas "Drudge" Penree and Shaun "Ste" Erickson have announced unlimited free packaging for iPhone application developers. If sounds familiar, you might recall that a few weeks back we posted about the utility. is an iPhone-based package manager from It allows you to download and update iPhone application packages over EDGE and WiFi connections directly from your iPhone home screen.

The problem with packaging is that it's fussy and requires a lot of dotted-i's and crossed-t's and for many programmers who are busy improving their software, it's an extra step that can easily get overlooked. Enter Penree and Erickson. They are offering to bundle up your application and host it on either Penree's Conceited Software or Erickson's

These services are a big win for both the iPhone user base and the iPhone application developer community. They allow programmers to focus on their applications and the users to enjoy the fruits of their labors. Donations are welcome at both sites.

Both Penree and Erickson are considering expanding this service to include the new PXL/Breezy package management tool in the near future.

Update: Want to put on your iPhone the easy way? Read our post about TappApp, the Universal Binary It's very simple to use.

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