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Tiger Woods 08 demo now on Live

Justin McElroy

We have to cop to being just a little bit ignorant of golf games. It's never been moved to a street or played by a league of mutants, so we have a hard time separating it from the herd. Honestly, it's a good thing that Mario's played it, or else all our golf knowledge would be drawn from Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore, whichever one was about golf. (Wait, the price is wrong? But it's Bob Barker, host of The Price Is Right! God, that's still such a stitch.)

Given all this, we're probably not the best to judge the quality of the new demo of Tiger Woods 08. We do know that it seems like EA has been going the extra mile with this year's sports games. But we'll leave it to you guys to let us know if this continues the trend.

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