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Unreal Tournament 3 gets no demo on PS3, PC in the clear


There will be a PC demo for Epic's Unreal Tournament 3 before the game's release in November, but the PS3 version is just out of luck. Epic VP Mark Rein told Eurogamer that it's like what they told Microsoft when they wanted a Gears of War demo, "You've got a choice - you can have the demo this year or the game this year."

Rein emphasized once again that Epic is not a huge company, a reason given by Sony for sending in their ninja engineers to help get UT3 out the door on time. Rein say the PC demo will end up being a beta, giving programmers feedback to fix the game before launch. The Xbox 360 version is expected early next year -- it'll definitely be interesting to see how the whole multiplayer situation looks between PSN and Xbox Live. We're definitely expecting some phenomenal complaining about which handles multiplayer better regarding ease of use. Unless the Xbox FPS fanboys are still focused on playing Halo 3 multiplayer at that point.

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