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ELAC unveils the first speakers with crystal-shaped cones

Nilay Patel

We've seen a lot of wacky speaker tech, but ELAC's new 240 series is the first we've seen with speaker cones made out of crystal-shaped aluminum. ELAC says the shaped membrane allows the speakers to provide a flat frequency response, yet still be tolerant of positioning -- something we'd have to hear to believe. On the other hand, we do love shiny things. ELAC is covering the whole spectrum of speaker needs with the 240 series, from the €498 ($670) BS 243 bookshelf units to the €1,998 ($2727) BS 249 top-of-the-line floorstanders. We've heard ELAC is showing these off at IFA this week, we'll let you know how they sound if we manage to get our hands (and ears) on them.

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