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Philips launches trio of new Digital PhotoFrames, plans Christmas edition

Darren Murph

Philips certainly is making good use of the spotlight provided over in Berlin, and while we've seen quite the array of LCDs emerge from the firm, up next is a trio (plus a limited edition tagalong) of smaller displays aimed at living room tables. The 5.6-inch Digital PhotoFrame touts a panel capable of displaying 140ppi, while the 7- and 10-inch iterations get powered by an integrated rechargeable battery and tout enough internal memory "to store 1,000 digital images." Furthermore, pictures can be loaded up through your USB-equipped Mac / PC, or you can upload directly from CompactFlash, Memory Stick, MSPro / MSDuo, xD, SD, SDHC, and MMC cards. Lastly, Philips will be offering up a Christmas-themed version of the 10-inch digiframe to grab the eyes of desperate holiday shoppers, but unfortunately, the outfit failed to provide release dates or pricing information for us to mull over.

- Philips' Digital PhotoFrames
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