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Third iPhone software SIM unlock team claims September 1st release

Ryan Block, @ryan

The two big teams claiming iPhone software SIM unlock solutions (iPhoneSIMfree and UniquePhones) have been a bit mum of late, but while iPhoneSIMfree's hack is supposedly due by tomorrow, you just might have a free (as in beer) alternative -- if you're the type to believe the hype you read on internet forums. Unknowns the Deathcorp team claim tomorrow, September 1st, will also mark the wide public release of their iPhone SIM unlock software, which is supposedly going to be distributed with no charge to you, unlike iPhoneSIMfree's forthcoming release, and UniquePhones's intended, but waylayed, launch. As usual, we'll be there to sort the fact from the fiction.

[Thanks, Ed]

Update: The file hit the interwebs, and it's a password-protected RAR. Mysteriously no one has the password! ZOMG! No, wait, the password is "Geohot", but the file is corrupt after all. Or something. It reeks of hoax in here.

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