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Navigon 2100: 3.5-inches of 3D navigation for the cheap seats


Navigon is really speaking our language, and the language of our pocketbook, with the new Navigon 2100 navigation device. Not only is it a real charmer with curvy looks, 3D maps and 3.5-inches of touchscreen, but the device is hitting North America for the neighborly price of $249, and it looks like Europe will be getting a crack at it as well. Navigon of course isn't leaving in all the bells and whistles of the 5100 and 7100 -- like Bluetooth or real time traffic -- but there's at least some text-to-speech for reading you street names, and speed warnings to let you know when you're breaking 55. If you'd like you can even get in on real time traffic info for $99, and toss on some ZAGAT reviews for another $39. The 2100 will be out this fall.

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