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Around Azeroth: The end of Ragnaros


Reader Titcouette of Suramar (EU) sends in this hard to catch shot of Ragnaros. Sure, we've all seen the ubiquitous kill shots with the giant hammer sticking out of the lava, but before you get to that point Ragnaros throws up his arms and implodes in a shower of sparks -- and it's that precise moment you're seeing here. Says Titcouette:

...[This shot is] one I've tried to shoot for some time, and never been able to do when I was 60, dead more often than alive at the end of Molten Core... Some people still like to play and enjoy the old content, even though we've already done it so many times. It's much more fun and relaxed pace now, finishing a MC in one evening, even with only about 20 people up in the guild, is really something enjoyable.

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