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PR director Dave Karraker leaving Sony

Justin McElroy

Dave Karraker, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications for Sony Computer Entertainment America, has announced that he'll be leaving the company on Friday to take a position with Skyy Spirits. In an email to Joystiq and other media outlets, Karraker wrote, "I imagine you media sleuths will be unearthing this news soon, so I wanted to send you a personal email to let you know I have made the very difficult decision to leave Sony. I am saddened to leave such a great group of people, but I have been presented a global opportunity near my home in an industry where I have previous experience that I feel I must pursue."

Karraker has been our go-to guy on Sony stuff since last September. Entering into some less than optimal circumstances, he's always managed to answer our questions while sailing the previously iceberg-bound Sony PR ship to calmer waters. We'll miss you, Dave.

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