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Rare's not going to make any Viva Pinata DLC

Justin McElroy

Though it may seem tailor-made for it, a Rare staffer has confirmed that Viva Pinata won't be getting any downloadable content. In response to a fan's question in the "Scribes" column on the company's website, a member of the Viva team wrote, "We aren't doing any downloadable content for Viva Piñata because we are much too busy doing something else." So, we lose out on DLC, but gain the greatest commodity of all: Mystery.

We know it's not Viva Pinata: Party Animals, that's being developed by Krome. The team member could be talking about the DS version of the game, but we doubt it. Why not call it by name? So, it it Viva 2? Is it a new Jet Force Gemini? (No, it's probably not.) The thrill of anticipation we feel almost makes up for the lack of new, downloadable pinatas! ... Almost.

[Via Thanks, Jaap]

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