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Joystiq & PSPFB hands-on: PSP-2000: Part 3


With the new PSP-2000 available in the wild, we decided to answer a few more questions in this final iteration of our ongoing series. Want to know what new background colors are in firmware 3.60? Want to see the TV out function in action? Check out this video overview we made, then check more questions after the cut.

Is the video out cable included in any of the bundles?
Submitted by: mike

No. You must buy the cables separately. They cost about $20.

If you are getting one of the bundled ones, does the game and the movie come in a slipcase or does it come in its regular plastic case?
Submitted by: jonathan

The games come in a cardboard sleeve. You won't get a retail case for the included UMDs.

What is the battery charge time for the PSP Lite? Is it faster than the original PSP?
Submitted by: Sai
The battery life doesn't have any noticeable difference. Once again, the amount of play time you get from a PSP varies from title to title. It can use the same charger as the original system, and because it has a reduced battery size, it will charge somewhat faster.

Are fingerprints very noticeable?
Submitted by: aymany
Fingerprints will show up, but the silver we have seems far improved over what we saw at E3. The paint job is nicer, the coating is much smoother, and fingerprints don't seem to stick onto the system as easily as before. However, fingerprints will still show up on the screen no matter what you do, seemingly.

Does the PSP Slim fit into the current Logitech and Sony hard cases?
Submitted by: mike
It will shake around one of these cases. It shouldn't do damage to your system, but it is still a little unsettling.

Do the new earbuds come with the system?
Submitted by: Alex

No, the new earbuds do not come with the system. The old headset and remote for the old PSP will not work on the new one.

Are you going to give one away?
Submitted by: XenoPhage
That's the plan!

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