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Rotel intros RSP-1069 processor/preamp

Steven Kim

High-end stalwart Rotel is taking the wraps off its new RSP-1069 HT processor/preamp at CEDIA this week. This is an update to, you guessed it, the RSP-1068 model. The simple front panel hides some nice HT goodies inside. Decoding functions are handled by the TI Aureus DSP (not to be confused with Aurea), but conspicuously absent form the press release is mention of Dolby True HD or DTS-HD. Digital and analog video sources are upsampled by Faroudja DCDi, up to 1080p. Four HDMI inputs and three component inputs are around back to keep your video flowing. And since this is a CEDIA debut, you know Rotel didn't skimp on the automation and "whole home" angles. Three 12V triggers and a RS-232 serial connection are available for custom installers, and there are three additional zones of stereo+video so you can be entertained throughout the homestead. Silver or black finish, $2199.

UPDATE: Our man at CEDIA just confirmed via a Rotel rep that HDMI 1.3 is a no-go on this processor. Thanks, Darren!

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