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Zeno the child-robot apes Astro Boy, Chucky


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Hanson Robotics, creators of the wildly creepy Albert Einstein and (now missing) Philip K. Dick robotic heads has turned its attention to children... er, that is, a child-robot. Sure, it's somewhat difficult to look at little Zeno and not find him just slightly disturbing, but that won't stop the team from breaking ground on this new cybernetic-tyke. The bot will stand 17-inches tall, weigh 6-pounds, and will cost you around $15,000 apiece (consumer models could be $200-300), though you can't put a price on a child-bot that walks, talks, and makes eye contact, right? The original design for Zeno is based loosely on Astro Boy, though somehow the creators have imbued him with a slightly more Chucky-like appearance. Zeno will be controlled wirelessly from your PC, but will also have, "His own moods," and make, "His own decisions." The bot is due out for mass consumption in "a few years," though no word yet on whether Zeno will silently creep into your bedroom at night and stare at you while you sleep.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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