Caption Contest: Albert Hubo humanoid bot thinks he's so smart

Albert Hubo

We saw a bad photoshop mock-up of this floating around the internets a few days ago, but we didn't think anyone had actually been crazy enough to build it. This humanoid robot named Albert Hubo walks, talks, shows emotions all disembodied Einstein style, and gives us the absolute heebie-jeebies.

Ryan: "That's right 'Steiney. World-changing intellectual, Nobel Prize-winning physicist, head grafted to an immortal robot body, total silver fox. Why, hello miss…"
Paul: "I'm real glad and all that you guys decided bring me back to life after 50 years of peace and quiet, but giving me the body of a 6 year old in a space suit doesn't really win you any points."
Marc: "It's not the robot bod I mind; it's the mullet. Please, someone get me a barber!"
Evan: "Yahoo Serious, older but hardly wiser, reflects upon the evils of typecasting."