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Sony downplays Lair critics

Ross Miller

Reptile romp Lair may not be a critical darling, but Sony isn't too worried. Speaking to Next-Gen (while preparing his grand exit), SCEA PR director Dave Karraker said that it doesn't matter what the critics say: it's all about the consumer.

"At the end of the day, I'll be interested in the consumers' response, because the consumer awareness for this title was so huge," he said. "I've spoken to any number of people who really like it, and there's other people that find it a challenge."

Karraker makes a good point; who cares what a game review says if the game is well-loved by the gaming community at large (and, consequently, sells very well)? Should any consumers find fault with the game and its controls, just remember: the development was haunted. No, really.

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