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Volvo shows off ReCharge plug-in hybrid concept vehicle


It looks like Volvo's the latest to get in on the plug-in hybrid action, with it showing off its new ReCharge concept vehicle in anticipation of next week's Frankfurt Motor Show. Volvo aficionados will likely recognize the vehicle as being based on the company's C30 hatchback, which gives it an all-wheel drive propulsion system. Unlike the standard C30, however, this one has a lithium polymer battery pack in its trunk, which is said to boast enough capacity for 62 miles of all-electric driving. Once that's depleted, a four cylinder flex-fuel engine kicks in to re-charge the battery while you're still on the road. Of course, the key advantage here is that you can also simply plug in the vehicle to recharge the vehicle, cutting down even further on your gas consumption. No word on a possible non-concept version just yet, but you can check out plenty more pics and a video courtesy of Autoblog Green at the link below.

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