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The Weekly Webcomic Wrapup Reviewer's Guide

Ross Miller

After reading a few notes on the internet this week about the webcomic wrapup, it's come to our attention that you may not be reading (and subsequently voting for) these webcomics in the correct manner. Thank the Lord you have us to show you the way.

Here's our handy guide for surviving these Saturday scenarios:

  1. Gloss over the links to see which ones come from your favorite artists.
  2. Choose your favorite comic.
  3. Vote for Penny Arcade regardless of step 2.
  4. Leave a comment below expresses your disdain for our choices.
You got that? Good.
The real reason (vote for this one)
Marketing 101 (vote for this one, too)
Dawn of a glorious new age (vote for this one, also)
Expo Expulsion (furthermore, vote for this one)
Time to change profession (while you're at it, vote for this one)
Anywhere but here (direct link) (keep on voting)
Chow Yun Fatass (click, click, click)
Peer pressure (vote or die)
Helping hand (Why stop now? Vote again!)

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