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Meridian announces DSP7200 speakers

Steven Kim

Meridian announced the successor to their DSP7000 speakers, the DSP7200. Meridian has always been happy to forge their own path in coming up with technical solutions for digital audio, and the DSP7200 is no exception. These are digital active speakers, meaning a digital bitstream is fed to the speakers and D/A conversion and amplification tasks are handled internally. There are real-world advantages to this approach -- vastly simplified cabling (both audio signal and control signals are passed around via standard daisy-chained CAT5), signals are kept in the digital domain as long as possible, and all processing can be done in the digital realm. The downside is the whole-system approach you have to commit to, which discourages mix and match. Membership in the Meridian club at this level isn't cheap, either. Pricing for the new DSP7200 was not announced, but the DSP7000 speakers being replaced cost about $25000 per pair. Ouch. We'll keep moving down the aisle to some of their other offerings.

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