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Let's read an old Nintendo Power together


It's late in the summer, but not too late for us to hand out a summer reading assignment. Racketboy and have teamed up to offer a scanned PDF of Nintendo Power's May/June 1989 issue, which features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the cover.

Looking through the issue reminds us, of course, of how adorable Nintendo Power used to be, with its hyperenthusiastic text that bordered on ad copy, and its cutely off-model original art throughout. But it also reminds us of just how awesome it was to have an NES in 1989, with things like Mega Man 2, Ninja Gaiden, and even the first Dragon Warrior right around the corner.

Do you think that, in 18 years, someone will get nostalgic about old Wii Fanboy posts? Don't answer that.

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