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Samsung F700, others to sport "Croix" interface concept

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so we've gathered a little more intelligence since our last run-through on the topic, and it turns out that Samsung's Ultra Smart F700 has not been dubbed "Croix." Croix is still alive and well, but it's actually the F700's underlying user interface paradigm, a paradigm based on crosses used for navigation ("croix" is French for cross, after all). It's the first time we've really seen the F700 in action, come to think of it, since we've only managed to get our hands on nonfunctional units at events so far. If the platform turns out to work as nicely as it looks, this is all great news, because Samsung's freshly-issued iF Communication Design Award indicates that "Croix is the backbone of a series of finger touch-based mobile phones with full touch screens." Let's worry about getting some F700s out in the field first though, eh, Samsung?

[Thanks, Gary C.]

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