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Take-Two forms casual games label 2K Play


Take-Two Games has announced the formation of 2K Play, a new publishing label focused on the increasingly lucrative world of casual games. The label arrives hand-in-hand with one of the leading causes of children's eyes becoming immobile and square, Nickelodeon. A partnership between 2K Play and Nick Jr.'s television lineup will see terrifyingly popular shows like Go, Diego, Go! and Dora the Explorer (buy your deluxe child today!) transformed into those other things kids are really into these days -- video games.

2K Play will also absorb Take-Two's Global Star Software label, which you may recognize from casually providing games like Deal or No Deal and Carnival Games. Overall, 2K President Christoph Hartmann hopes the label will provide games "that are fun and engaging for players of varied skill types and ages" and that the partnership with Nickelodeon will yield pleasant results for the "family-friendly gamer." Those probably aren't for us then, since we can't get along with family at all.

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