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Well ladies and gents, this'll be the last iPhone-centric edition of Peripheral vision, from here on out we'll be rolling out whatever suits our fancy. But this week we did catch sight of a few treats to lavish on your sets including a couple cases, a stereo Bluetooth headset solution and we'll even throw in a rumored accessory for good measure. Carry on to get at the goodies and the pics.

iSkin Cerulean F1 and TX + RX

iPhone's lack of A2DP in Apple's "best iPod ever" still draws some ire, but thankfully including iSkin's Cerulean line of products, we've now seen a couple solutions. By mating the Cerulean F1 and the Cerulean TX + RX, you will get that much needed stereo Bluetooth support -- but at a whopping $280 combined, price it may be hard to stomach for most

The TX + RX kit includes both a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver -- hence the clever name -- though for our purposes, just the transmitter is used. All you need do is pop the transmitter into the bottom of your iPhone and wabaaam! instant A2DP and AVRCP on your iPhone and beautiful stereo on the Cerulean F1 headset. Of course, there is a bonus in having to purchase both, as you'll be able to use the RX component with your stereo system via an iPod dock to play the music from your iPhone. Though strangely, no word on if the phone functions would actually work, hopefully we'll be able to update that soon. We'd like to see an iPhone combo, iSkin, you listening?

iWood case for iphone
Cool beans, a case made from wood that protects your handset and also brings a certain -- ok, strangeness, that's what it is -- Grizzly Adams feel to your kit.

Starting at $80, the iWood case comes in oak, padouk, cherry, mahogany, and walnut and if you want to personalize it a bit more, for $14, you can have a message or your logo thrown on the back. While not our taste, these are admittedly classy cases and may well find a home in some exec's pocket somewhere.

Vajacases i-volution Top SP Holster
Vaja is finally starting to roll out its slick signature cases for iPhone -- and not just pouches -- so we present the i-volution Top SP Holster. For $80, this case wraps that rascal from stem to stern leaving only the bits that you need to use exposed, but the phone itself is well protected -- something that was a bit weak in Vaja's last effort.

The entire from of the iPhone is covered on this outing with luxurious, hand fit and crafted leather -- though said flap also covers the speaker so we wonder how that'll wash out. Color choices are -- in typical Vaja style -- enormous, but the front "racing stripe" stays, and we're glad, it looks dead sharp. If you're looking for stylin' protection, this is it.

Now onto the rumor section of today's Peripheral vision, while this may only be a blunder on Apple's part, the iPhone's Cables & Docks area in the Apple store had the Apple Component AV Cable listed as iPhone compatible when it first hit the page. That's been changed now, but we can't help but wonder -- and hope, we'll admit -- that this little gem may well be coming for our dearest iPhone. Video out anyone?

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