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Uncharted coming to PS3 on November 20

Justin McElroy

As you've no doubt gathered from reading the site, we're multi-system. Most of the time that makes us extremely cool and a hit at parties, but there are times when it's a curse. For example, we're going to get Super Mario Galaxy on the Wii on Nov. 12, then just one week later we get Mass Effect on 360. That's bad, but now we find out we have to contend with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune being released on that exact same day. Yep, that pretty much confirms we won't have time for turkey and cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving (though we might make an exception for pie).

So, whether you can't afford a PS3, you're still desperately searching your local Toys 'R' Us for a Wii or you're left without a 360 thanks to the RRoD, just remember: It could be much worse -- you could have all three.

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