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Brandweek talks anatomy of Halo 3 marketing onslaught


Brandweek breaks down the year-long marketing campaign by Microsoft for the launch of Halo 3. Brandweek says that the ads coming out as part of the "Believe" campaign (created by mega-firm McCann-Erickson) are the last part in the five-pronged assault.
  • Phase 1: Starry Nights introduced "Finish the fight" last year during Monday Night Football with 7.9 million households watching.
  • Phase 2: The Beta (yes, it deserves the capital B) -- must we say more?
  • Phase 3: Project Iris. For the hardest of the hardcore with a tip of the hat to Halo 2's "Ilovebees."
  • Phase 4: Merchandising, merchandising! Look at all the product tie-in stuff.
  • Phase 5: The "Believe" campaign along with the festivities.
And just to give a small taste of how much madness there is surrounding direct or indirect Halo 3 marketing, we present to you a fan-made audio clip featuring the guys from X3F's podcast in "Buy teh Haloz." Created by Travis Johnson, we have a horrible feeling like we'll be compelled to put it at the bottom of each Halo marketing related post we do between now and launch. Nobody ever makes insane audio clips of the Joystiq podcast.
Buy teh Haloz -- Travis Johnson

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