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Guildwatch: Careful what you ask for...

Mike Schramm

I was just joking when I said "video or it didn't happen" to a guild's announcement of a Paladin-tanked Prince kill last week, but they weren't messing around: they actually got me video. You guys didn't have to go to all that trouble! But since you did, I'll say this: Ok, some Paladins, in some situations, with the right group makeups, may possibly, at times, be able to tank.

Happy now? I still won't sing the praises of Paladin tanks until I can see one for myself, but I guess I'll allow that yes, sometimes, Paladins might have the ability to tank. This week's Guildwatch, your weekly dose of drama, Paladin-enabled downing, and recruitment, starts right after you click the link below. Tips may be sent, please (by Paladins or anyone else), to Thanks!


  • Slow week on drama? Apparently during a Vashj raid this week, someone threw a Leather Ball into the main tank of Reforged (of Runetotem). Shocking, I know. According to our tipster, "healers are suspected." Those healers are a sketchy lot, aren't they?
  • What is the deal with the guild progression thread over on the Shadowsong servers? Apparently Vintage, for some reason, didn't want to be involved in the thread. Most realms have these-- it's just a list of how far each guild has gotten. But Vintage apparently wanted no part of it, and they trolled the thread so much that Timbal actually had to close it down. The drama even overflowed into its own thread.
  • Naqoyqatsi is the number 2 guild on Gnomeregan, and here's some drama about it (warning: this sounds a lot like revenge rumor spreading, so grain of salt time). We're told that Guild Leader Uzziel and DKP/Loot officer Alzena left the guild to join up with Pwnhammer, and they even took the main tank with them. Would have been fine, except that Uzziel apparently lied about the leaving for days, and Alzena reportedly looted the guild bank before she left. But karma may have its say yet: rumors say that Alzena might not be in Pwnhammer for long-- her DPS supposedly isn't up to snuff.
  • I can't even tell what's going on here, but I agree with Tharfor: saying "suck ma balls" isn't exactly "sorting things out like adults."
  • This Paladin gets the fifth degree when applying to Nightmare's Aslyum. Apparently he's got a history of leaving big guilds that he just can't get away from.
  • Gimped on Runetotem downed Illidan. He, apparently, wasn't prepared.
  • Athanatoi of EU Sha'tar finished off Prince, and continue onwards and upwards in their climb of Karazhan.
  • Addicted of Kalecgos-H killed Prince in their first pure guild group this week. Grats!
  • Elysium of Suramar said they killed the Prince last week with a Pally tank-- I joked that they needed "video or it didn't happen," but they weren't joking around. They sent the stats for the fight over, and here they are. And then, the next time they went, they actually took video of it, and you can see it above. I have to be careful what I ask for-- I guess: I just might get it.
  • Reported on Barthilas-H picked up their first Attumen mount. Grats to Phyx and all for getting it, but the real question is: how did you handle the looting?
  • The New Inquisition on Blackhand-A dropped Void Reaver (while our tipster was out of town-- she says hopefully they've figured out the trash there, too). They're also recruiting "a few prot Warriors, Holy and Shadow Priests, Holy Paladins and a few good Warlocks."
  • Highborne on Exodar-H has downed Doomwalker on their first try ever. Awesome. They also finished off Kazzak for a server second and a Horde first.
  • Severance on Eldre'Thelas-H downed Gruul for a guild first.
  • Wildly Inept Raiders dropped Void Reaver. Grats!
  • Free Company on Llane-A finished off the Prince, and they used a Paladin, too. What's the world coming to?
  • Reign of Shadows on Shadow Council-H has finished off the Lurker Below and now Kazzak as well. Void Rever and Hydross, you're on notice!
  • The Ascension of Maelstrom finished off Karazhan, started a second group in there, and recently downed Gruul. They sound busy.
  • Shadows of Emerald Isle on Ravencrest is really just getting their feet wet with raiding, but they're rolling right along: they've already gotten all the way up to the Chess Event in Karazhan. Grats!
  • Cat's Game on Gorefiend-A has downed Rage, Anatheron, and Kaz'rogal in Mount Hyjal, all for Alliance firsts and server seconds. Nice job!
  • Glory of War on Lightning's Blade-A is looking for mature, fun-loving folks to raid without the pressure of a high stakes guild. They've got Kara on farm, and they want more for beyond.
  • Death Without Dishonor on Thunderhorn-H is recruiting raiders for 25-man content.
  • Revelation on Medivh says they're a guild that "caters to hardcore raiders trapped in the bodies of casual players."
  • Ginger Seperatist Movement on Uldaman-A is recruiting one protection tank and a few healers for three nights a week of 25 man raiding.
  • Nephilium on Daggerspine is looking for a few more members-- they are apparently the folks who used to be Murder, Inc., and they're looking for fun folks of all classes interested in a fun raiding guild.
  • Hate on Firetree is looking for mature players to fill some raiding spots.
  • We got word of a great new guild on Kul'Tiras-H that's looking for some DPS, an offtank, and healers to fill out a Karazhan team-- except that they didn't actually tell us their name.
  • Blades of Wrath on Icecrown-A are pushing towards Illidan, and they want a few more to help out. They ask that you have a start on T5 or experience in both SSC and TK.
  • Dreamscape of EU Draenor is recruiting all levels and classes, especially 60+.
  • DragonChow of Baelgun-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is recruiting friendly players 18+ of all levels for "occasional goofiness and mockery." I hear their moonkin GM has a penchant for falling into water.
  • Band of Thorns on Vek'nilash, is recruiting a few good raiders for Karazhan and beyond.
  • My Other Mount is Tauren (which almost got BGN this week-- better luck next time) on Aerie Peak-A, is recruiting fun, dedicated yet time-constrained adults for Gruul's and beyond.
That's it for this week's GW. Don't forget: send tips (especially about good, juicy drama) to Until next week, happy raiding!

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