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Savit Micro's Cinedisk CD26HD media player: 1080i everywhere you go


Chicks and dudes -- the Korean electronics maker Savit Micro wants to make you the talk of the town. How will they do such a thing, you ask? Well, for starters, they're serving up the Cinedisk CD26HD pocket-sized, HD media player that can handle MPEG2, WMV9HD, or DiVX video formats, plays MP3, WMA, and OGG audio, and does AC3 and DTS audio processing. Your precious, friend-making files are stored on a 2.5-inch, 120GB hard drive, and you can hook the miniature-media-center up to your favorite HDTV via its component outs for 1080i playback. The player also comes with a remote control, so you can really show off your movies like a champ, though it won't mix your cocktails or make charming small talk. Available now if you can get to a Korean dealer for 219,900 KRW (around $235).

[Via technabob]

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