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Robots, robots, robots (and other stuff) at Nextfest 2007

Ryan Block, @ryan

We dropped by Wired's Nextfest down in LA today, and were, shall we say, pleasantly pleased by the inordinate number of robots we'd written about but never actually seen in person before. Although we didn't see KillaCycle try to assassinate its master, there were plenty of other highlights:
  • Keepon (pictures here) somehow manages to be even more amazingly fricking adorable in person. We defy any hard-hearted person not to crack a smile when seeing Keepon dance to Daft Punk.
  • Albert Hubo (pictures here) manages to be even more frightening in person than we'd originally. We're not at all surprised by this development.
  • Also going to keep us up tonight: the Zeno boybot's disembodied plastic face (picture). The stuff of nightmares, we tell ya.
  • Yes, Zou Renti's android twin really does look exactly like him (picture).
All this and much more in the gallery below, check it out. (Don't worry, we'll have plenty of video soon.)

Gallery: Robots, robots, robots (and other stuff) at Nextfest 2007 | 50 Photos

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