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EA's Dead Space unveiled by Game Informer


He may look like a Big Daddy reject, but this Lil' Papi is the newest face in EA's reinvention line, a steady stream of fresh IPs aimed to counteract the perception of safe-bet mega-publisher. Dead Space, making its first appearance on the cover of Game Informer, was named a year ago (as a FPS) by analyst P. J. McNealey, who identified the then announced project as an Unreal Engine 3-powered action game. The Game Informer hook upgrades that status to "survival horror game," but does not confirm the first-person perspective or Unreal guts. Instead, GI just begs us to buy the issue teases: "Fans of the cult-classic film Event Horizon and straight-up horror aficionados aren't going to want to miss this one!"

Dead Space
, being developed by a "renegade" team at EA, sounds a lot like what we'd expect out of the rumored System Shock 3. Is there a connection to be made? And more importantly, can one man cut through the darkness?

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