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Rogue with Twin Blades of Azzinoth sells account for almost $10,000


What can you do with $10,000? You can buy a nice used car, five awesome computer systems, 2,000 Happy Meals or 40,000 gumballs. You can also apparently become the best geared rogue in the world.

Zeuzo, a rogue from Method on Sylvanas-EU, has reportedly sold his account for 7000 euro, or $9,500. Zeuzo's gear includes the legendary sword set Twin Blades of Azzinoth, 4/5 Tier 6, and many other Hyjal/BT loots. The new owner has transferred to Kazzak and is happily PVPing (reportedly quite badly) under the name Shaks.

I would have assumed that Method would be about ready to kill Zeuzo for profiting off of their guild's hard work, but forum rumor has it that Zeuzo's now playing a brand new rogue in Method. So they can't be too mad at him. If someone in my guild was able to get $10,000 for their account, I certainly wouldn't fault them selling it ... particularly if they cut me in on a share of the profits.

One more interesting thing: looking at Shaks' profile, it hasn't been updated since September 3rd. Considering all the publicity this has gotten, there's a good chance that Blizzard has banned the account, and Shaks is 7000 euros poorer while Zeuzo's laughing at him from a beach in Cancun.

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