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Rumor: Rumbling Sixaxis to debut at TGS

Justin McElroy

Not since Ross and Rachel has there been a more volatile "will they/won't they" than Sony and the rumbling Sixaxis. We know that Sony and Immersion are BFF now and we've heard plenty of rumors. Now, Pro-G is saying that developers have been receiving System Development Kits (SDKs) that support rumble. Admittedly, this is similar to something we've heard before and would probably be just another rumor to add to the pile were it not for the timing.

See, we've got TGS coming up this week and we heard 1UP staffer and Sony loyalist Shane Bettenhausen say on this week's 1UP Yours podcast that the DualShock 3 was "confirmed" and that it would be seen at Tokyo Game Show. Between the timing of his statement, Pro-G's story and TGS being so close, we're starting to think Rachel will get off the plane we're finally going to lay eyes and hands on the thing. Here's hoping.

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