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Daze of our lives season finale: changes not incoming

David Bowers

Just like a soap opera, the "daze" ability has had a lot of ups and downs lately. First they said it was working fine, then they said it wasn't working fine. Well, now they say it is working fine after all. Drysc tells us:

A change to the "Daze" mechanic was originally planned for introduction in patch 2.2. This change would have removed additional defense rating as a factor in reducing the chance of being dazed, equalizing the chance for heavy armor wearers to become dazed as compared to light armor wearers. With further testing and discussion it was decided that players would be too negatively affected in their ability to tank and reposition their targets, and this change will no longer be included with 2.2. We currently have no plans to reintroduce this change at a later time.

Apparently the developers really do listen to what the forum goers say and go try things out for themselves now and then. Now, at last, we can put the whole issue to rest.

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